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The Composite Pylon can be less than half the size of a conventional lattice tower and leaves only a small footprint. The pylon also requires less right-of-way, compared to standard lattice towers. Benefits include: 

  • half the size

  • smaller footprint

  • reduced right-of-way

  • reduced environmental impact

  • reduced corona noise and electrical field



Cheap, light-weight, durable material in a compact design makes a cost-effective and competitive pylon. The pylon:

  • is made from from standard composite materials (glass fibres and polymers, silicone) which are cheap and easily acquired

  • has an expected service life of 80 years

  • is easy to transport, via truck or helicopter

  • is fast and easy to install

  • requires minimal maintenance efforts



The material is more flexible with respect to enabling advanced geometries that would not be possible with steel. The new pylon is made in an optimistic Y-shape, reaching for the sky. 


The positive appearance and minimized electro magnetic field will appeal to the public - this means projects are more likely to be approved faster, leading to a reduced planning period. 


The Composite Pylon is designed according to the international European Norm, EN50341. 


Classic Donau lattice tower vs. the Composite Pylon

fti composite mast VS lattice tower LOW
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